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An e-Business application design and development is entirely different from the conventional desktop client server applications. In an e-Business, communication between the buyer and the seller happens through the use of internet. E-Commerce being a subset of e-Business is used in your system if there is a necessity for that. Based on the type of business you do, you can determine the level of e-Business required for your system. It helps you promote and support existing business activities and increase operational efficiencies. It also helps you create new markets and customers for your existing business.

There are numerous factors that are to be considered in designing an e-Business application, like impact of the UI design, resolution of the monitors, printers, security, scalability and integration with the existing legacy applications, online payment processing etc. It is not necessary that an e-Business should take place through a browser alone. We can build a system that interacts with another business system or the customer directly with the use of internet.

Apart from these factors, issues related to the payment gateway integration also need to be addressed. We take care of all these issues in your e-Business Application Design & Development and make sure that we meet the deadline with quality. Proactive approach of Index Info Systems brings peace to the Project Managers in completing the project on time.

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